Zpeer Inc., a company fueling innovation on their platform for veterinary medicine, to achieve funding of 550M yen

550M yen of funding achieved



Zpeer Inc. (Zpeer; Founded 2013, HQ: Shibuya-ku Tokyo, CEO:
Toshiya Morino) has succeeded in raising 550M yen in May 2024 through
third-party allocation of new shares to Nissay Capital Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, CEO: Kosuke Ueda), T&D Innovation Fund by Spiral Innovation
Partners (Minato-ku Tokyo, CEO: Kazuhiro Kamata) and Animal Spirits Ltd. (Minato-ku Tokyo, CEO: Yusuke Asakura)

With this movement, the total procurement of funds including debt finance adds up to approximately 1B yen.

Details on fund procurement and future business scheme

Zpeer has provided useful insights and products to vets, pet owners and companies / organizations participating in veterinary medicine, through its specialty media “Vetpeer” currently in use by 13,000 (80%) companion animal (CA) vets, and “Animato”, an EC website selling pet related products to vets and pet owners, currently in use at approx. 8,000 animal clinics nationwide.

This procurement will further accelerate the role of Vetpeer as an innovation platform in veterinary medicine, through 1. Strengthening the digital platform itself, which is the basis for providing information and products; 2. Developing innovative products and services that will contribute to the evolution of veterinary medicine; 3. Strengthening the corporate foundation, especially human resources that support the above transformation.

List of investors

Message from investors

Yusuke Ito

Nissay Capital Co., Ltd Capitalist Yusuke Ito

The veterinary field is still centered around manual operation, which is causing a serious setback such as dispersed information on treatments and limited treatment options. By providing their platform that resolves this imbalance, Zpeer has been promoting improvement in the quality of medicine. I decided to invest in Zpeer, in hopes of Vetpeer becoming an infrastructure within veterinary medicine, utilizing their network of veterinarians accumulated through the years. I am eagerly looking forward to being able to support their endeavor alongside the Zpeer team led by CEO Toshiya Morino.

Kazuhiro Kamata
Shuzo Ueki

T&D Innovation Fund CEO Kazuhiro Kamata, Principal Shuzo Ueki

Veterinary medicine is said to be “10 years behind human medicine”, and relies on paper-based operations and
information, leaving a significant issue in distribution of correct information to veterinarians. With Zpeer already owning a specialty platform popular among veterinarians, we believe Zpeer can lead the way in resolving these issues, and decided on our investment. We hope that our investment will help Vetpeer to continue growing and become an innovation platform in veterinary medicine.

Yusuke Asakura

Animal Spirits Ltd. CEO Yusuke Asakura

In the everyday operation of veterinary clinics, there are multiple issues that need to be overcome – including lack and difficulty of communication between vets, and inefficient work processes based on paper. I believe that these issues stem from the dispersity of professionals and delay in DX/IT conversion. Zpeer is a startup that is striving to digitalize the veterinary field and strengthen bonds of individuals within, by providing a DX platform for media and product distribution. I hope that their work will lead to better workstyles for vets, longer healthy life expectancy for dogs and cats, improved efficiency in all areas of the veterinary field, and ultimately, an even better bond between humans and animals.


We are looking for new members to join us in creating a bright future for veterinarians and animals. Please check our recruitment page for more details.