Announcing new CEO of Zpeer Inc..



Zpeer Inc.., which operates veterinary services for companion animals (pets), livestock animals, veterinarians, pet owners, and businesses, announced on September 1, 2023, that Toshiya Morino has been newly appointed as the President and CEO. Moving forward, led by Morino, our entire team will address numerous unresolved challenges for veterinarians, animals, and their owners, aiming to bring a new future to both humans and animals.

Company’s Mission & Vision:

Veterinarians and animal hospitals entrusted with the lives of animals face the daily challenges of dealing with life and death situations.

On the other hand, veterinarians and animal hospitals often have limited access to valuable information and tools to improve animal healthcare, and there are still inefficiencies due to the lack of IT/DX advancement in the field.

We aim to address these issues and make the working environment for veterinarians in animal hospitals as effective as in other industries. As a result, we seek to create a world where animals and their owners can enjoy happy moments together, as long as possible.

Our veterinarian-exclusive media “Vetpeer”, launched in 2013, has grown to a platform where 80% of clinical veterinarians involved with companion animals are registered. We will continue to enhance “Vetpeer” to increase engagement and develop, sell, and promote products and services ideal for veterinarians and animals.

Comment from the new representative, Toshiya Morino:

Since its establishment in 2013 by the previous management team, our company has supported not only veterinarians who play the core role in animal health, but also pet owners and businesses who provide related products and technology. We will build on top of what we have achieved in the last 10 years, and continue to contribute to the future of the veterinary industry and realize further growth.


  • DVM
  • Graduated from the University of Tokyo
  • Master of Business Administration from IE Business School
  • Worked for more than 10 years in healthcare business development at Mitsui & Inc.., then served as the Asia Operations Manager for the US clinic operator DaVita Inc. and Hospital Operation Manager for a domestic pet-related startup.

Comment from the founder & advisor, Yutaka Fujimoto:

Since its inception in 2013, Zpeer Inc.. has received tremendous support from the veterinary community, while striving to provide service that better contributes to their practices. With our new management members that share the same values as us, and especially with Morino’s experience as a veterinarian, we will contribute even more to animal medical care. I will acquire the role of advisor to Morino and all our team members, in order to continue supporting the company and contribute to veterinary medicine.


  • Graduated from the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Engineering
  • Master of Business Administration from Cornell University
  • After working at ZS Associates and Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, he founded Zpeer Inc.. and became an advisor in September 2023.

Strengthening of external management support:

With the new management structure, Eight Roads Ventures Japan, a venture capital fund with global investment experience, will support the scaling up of Zpeer Inc..

Comment from Eight Roads Ventures Japan:

The companion animal market, estimated at approximately 1.6 trillion yen, and the livestock market even larger, are consisted of vets, pet owners and companies who face many challenges. We invested in Zpeer, recognizing their innovative approach in such a challenging field. We are committed to supporting Zpeer’s growth by utilizing our experience in global investment and by providing wide and thorough support from building growth strategies to actual operation. Many of our fund members live with pets and, as pet owners, sincerely wish to contribute to the development of the industry by joining forces with Zpeer.


We are looking for new members to join us in creating a bright future for veterinarians and animals. Please check our recruitment page for more details.