Veterinarians and animal hospitals entrusted with the lives of animals face the daily challenges of dealing with life and death situations.

On the other hand, veterinarians and animal hospitals often have limited access to valuable information and tools to improve animal healthcare, and there are still inefficiencies due to the lack of IT/DX advancement in the field.

We aim to address these issues and make the working environment for veterinarians in animal hospitals as effective as in other industries. As a result, we seek to create a world where animals and their owners can enjoy happy moments together, as long as possible.

In 2013 we established a specialized media for veterinarians, "Vetpeer," which has grown to include 80% of companion animal veterinarians in Japan. We will continue to further enhance "Vetpeer" and promote our business to connect everyone involved in animal healthcare, increase engagement with veterinarians, and create a platform that drives innovation in animal healthcare.

Providing Value to Veterinarians, Animal Healthcare Companies, Organizations, and Pet Owners/Livestock Farmers

In order to address many challenges related to veterinarians and animal care, we provide value to all veterinarians, animal healthcare companies and organizations, as well as pet owners/livestock farmers.

Values we offer:

to Veterinarians:

  • Online communication among veterinarians
  • Efficient delivery of accurate information to veterinarians
  • Provide advanced animal healthcare products and services

to Animal Healthcare Companies and Organizations:

  • Support development of medical technologies and products
  • Sales & marketing support

to Pet Owners/Livestock Farmers:

  • Provide effective animal healthcare products
  • Provide appropriate information on animal healthcare